Requirements for Board Certification

In order to sit for the ABNO Board Exam there are several requirements that need to be meet. Below you will find a link to the full application, but in short here is what is required:

Must meet at least one criterion in each of the following 3 categories:

Category 1:  Experience 

___Successfully complete a 2-year CNME-Approved Residency or Fellowship focusing in Naturopathic Oncology

___Minimum of 5 years in practice, and a minimum of 5000 cumulative patient care hours over the past 5 years, and a minimum of 70% of the patient load for the preceding two years in oncology (2250 oncology patient contacts); or

___Minimum of 5 years of naturopathic oncology research >50 % time, and at least 5 research studies (not review articles) published in peer-reviewed literature which are subject to the approval of the ABNOBoMEx; or
___Minimum of 5 years of instructing oncology in CNME-accredited institution; or

___Minimum of 5 years as program director of a CNME-approved naturopathic oncology residency program

Category 2:  Cases

___ Detailed case reports on 5 different oncology patients utilizing the Case Documentation Form and demonstrating ongoing naturopathic management. All 5 cases must cover a time period of no less than 12 months; or

___Publication of 4 cases in peer-reviewed professional journal

Category 3:  Continuing Medical Education:

Obtained at least 50 hours of documented oncology continuing medical education within the last 5 years.

***All applicants will then have to sit for the written board exam. This is a 200 multiple-choice question exam that is held in testing centers all over the US and Canada.

***Application requirements are subject to change with each exam cycle. Next open application period is set for Fall 2017.